Think long term when planning a job change

Think long term when planning a job change. Think about what is going to truly make you happy 5 years from now. Ok, now how about 10 years from now? Not "I would make more money" or "at least I won't have to work with XXX anymore." It is not normally about a few more dollars and it is definitely not about what you are running away from. What makes you happy at work? We spend a third of our life there, shouldn't you at least be doing something that makes you happy? What about work makes it worthwhile for you?

  • Do you like the challenge work provides?
  • Is it the people you work with?
  • Is it the mission of the company? (Hey, it could happen! Maybe you work for the Sierra Club, right?)
  • Is it the work you do? (I love technology. I was having lunch with a guy yesterday that is "Mr. Security." Awesome guy too.)

What is it that makes it worth going in every Monday morning? Yeah, most of us need a job, we all have bills to pay. But money doesn't make you happy (don't get me wrong, it doesn't hurt either!). What fulfills you at work? If you can't answer the question of "what makes you happy" maybe you have some thinking to do before you make that next job change…


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