Why does your company need a Vision?

I wrote a posting on Vision last week.  Since then I have received multiple questions asking, "Why does a company even need a Vision?"  So many of those vision / mission statements, etc are just marketing BS shoved out by an organization and they really don't mean anything. And sadly, they are correct, too many companies have shoved out marketing BS that really doesn't mean anything.  Most of the time the company doesn't align their goals and process to the Vision.  And to make matters even worse most companies don't invest enough in communicating the Vision.  So yes, I agree, if the Vision is not taken seriously, not supported, and not roll out properly then it probably really doesn't matter if your company has a Vision or not.

But a real Vision can be a wonderful thing.  Imagine actually knowing the true direction of the company.  It makes it so much easier for making decisions that align to common goals.  Especially if your company has multiple locations or is a roll up of multiple companies that have been merged.  The Vision should paint a picture of how the world should be.  It is the long term view. And the Vision should be the inspiration and the basis for strategic planning (cause a vision with out action is just words). 

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  1. The vision is the unrealized target that an organization or individual hopes to obtain through consistent action towards that goal. A vision may take an organization in a direction for a few years or decades depending on the nature of that organization.

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