Mind map follow up

I've had a few people say they needed more direction on how to make mind maps.  Where do you start?  

First off let me say, you can't do it wrong.  How you use a mind map, as long as it works for you, is perfectly ok. I suggest just jumping in and start using mind maps.  I found the way I used mind maps changed as I used them over time.  I find now that most of my personal maps are pretty plain jane, very little color, few links, and I rarely use groupings, just straight boring mind map. But I do use color to make sure I see important items or points (or things I need to follow up on). I only use links when I have to.  And I use groupings only when I need to group really close ideas to each other that are in separate topics (and normally then only when I am going to share the map with other people).  But I know other people use color, links, groupings, images, etc.  Your choice.

I use mind maps for everything I use to write on paper. Since I have a mind map tool on my laptop and on my Droid (even on my iTouch) I don't carry paper anymore, everything is electronic. Meeting notes, projects, research, brainstorming, you name it it is in a mind map! 

I have attached a couple of examples, if they help you please feel free to use them.

Some other great resources:

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