Do you know what you are doing?

Do you know what you are doing?

Are you sure you completely understand the task?  Do you know exactly what the client, or boss or who ever, wants?  Yeah, I know this is consulting 101, but not everyone is a consultant, and not everyone has been through consulting 101, and even the people that have been through it tend to forget…

The other side of the question is, does the client really know what they want?  Honestly?  Or, even worse, did you hear the requirements second hand?  Did the person that told you what the client wanted translate all the details exactly right?  Even if it is written it can be misinterpreted.  I know. I have seen one of the most detail specs totally translated differently by two different people. 

If you are told you can't ask questions or get intermediate feedback from the end client (client, boss, etc) – run! Don't walk, run!

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