Do you lock your smart phone (Droid, iPhone, etc)?

Do you lock your smart phone?  I have a Droid X and I have turned on both the time out lock and the screen lock.  To me my cell phone is now an extension of my computer.  I probably read more emails on my phone than I do a computer, I take notes on my phone, and I have documents on my phone.  If I would lock my computer, to keep unauthorized users from accessing my documents and email, why wouldn't I do the same for my cell phone?

I have a friend who never use to lock his Blackberry, until it was stolen and over $1,000 of calls to South America and Eastern Europe were made on his phone. Luckily Verizon worked with him!  The crazy part is just weeks later he went to work for a government agency. Needless to say his phone is always locked now. 

In addition to locking my screen I also have Lookout on my Droid.  It provides anti-virus and malware protection, data back up, and helps locate your phone if it is lost or stolen. I haven't purposely downloaded a virus to test it, but it does scan programs I have download from the market. 

I am also on the wait list for the beta of Mobile Defense. It looks even more promising if my phone is lost or stolen (ability to clear it and factory reset it remotely), but again, I don't have hands on experience with it yet…

What do you use?  Any suggestions on how to better secure my phone?

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