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I just wrote a posting on security on Droid smart phones and iPhones, but how about iPads? The form factor of an iPad makes it so much better for taking notes, checking email, etc. So I would expect more people would use an iPad for documents and presentations. Apple says they have sold more than 3 million of them and I see them all over at work. And yes, it kills me to wait till there is a Droid tablet or the next version of the iPad released. But back to security…

Just with that great form factor I have to assume more people will have more sensitive documents, presentations, and emails on an iPad than people with those on their smart phone (Droid or iPhone). And the same would make iPad (and other tablets) a target for thieves. Everyone wants one, right!?!?!  So it has to be a worry for businesses to protect that data right?  

Do you lock the screen of your iPad with a passcode? Set up the screen time out? And set it up to lock the device after a set number of password retries?  I know that iPad ships with a native IPSec VPN from Cisco, so that is awesome! Have you looked at any of the encryption software that is out there (like PGP mobile on Windows based mobile devices?)? 

How about mobile me? Do you subscribe so you can locate your iPad on a map and wipe it remotely if you have too? I have to use Lookout, a third party app, on my Droid to get similar functionality.

How about any other security precautions that should be addressed?  What am I not thinking of?


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