Security check list from Google

Last week I wrote a couple of posts about security on your Droid or iPhone and security on your iPad.  And a while ago I wrote about how I have switched to Mac for better security.   Last week I also found this great checklist that Google has put together to help walk people through security on their computer (works for PCs and Macs).   I thought it was good enough that I should share it with everyone!  🙂 


External links: 

Removing malware from your computer
MacScan (removes Malware from your Mac)
iAntiVirus(protects against any virus that might be there for Macs) 

P.S. Yes, I know I am on a Mac and I have never had a virus in the last 7 years of using Macs, but I do have both MacScan and IAntiVirus on my Mac just in case.  Some day Macs will be a target, so why leave the front door unlocked (or at least unmonitored?)?


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