Attaching a wireless keyboard to your Droid X

Last night I was talking to my friend, John, about setting up a bluetooth wireless keyboard to my Droid X and, for once in my life, it actually turned out to be simpler than I expected!  Google is a wonderful tool.  How did we live before Google?  Anyway, first download the BlueKeyboard JP from the Android market.  I also had an Apple Wireless Keyboard handy, so that is what I used.

Pair your Apple Wireless Keyboard with the Droid:

  • First make sure you have Bluetooth check "on" under settings on the Droid.
  • Tap on the "Scan for devices"
  • Turn on your Apple wireless keyboard
  • After Droid "discovers" it tap on "Apple Wireless Keyboard" or whatever your keyboard is named
  • Input a pin.  I used "0000" in the dialog box that popped up
  • Then type "0000" on the keyboard and hit enter

And then set up BlueKeyboard:

  • Open settings
  • Scroll down and select Language and keyboard
  • Check on BlueKeyboard JP
  • Then tap on on BlueKeyboard JP (on the line below the check box)
  • Select your keyboard (in my case Apple Wireless Keyboard)
  • Select your layout (in my case US (QWERTY))
  • Then the blue keyboard system popped up in my system tray
  • Done!

Just remember to switch back when you take your phone with you and you don't have your wireless keyboard with you anymore! 

But if you forget no big deal, just press and hold in a text entry area.  When the option menu pops up (where the copy and paste options pop up also) just select "Input method." Check either Swype or Multi-touch keyboard.  And you are good to go again!

I am one happy man now!  🙂


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