Samsung Galaxy Tab update

The Galaxy Tab is almost perfect – for me.

It is still the screen space that has really sold it so far for me. As I said before the Galaxy Tab has about three times more screen space than my Droid X. I really notice this when taking notes at work (Evernote app) and then when reading (Kindle app). I just wish the screen was slightly bigger to make it easier to type (I have seen an accessory dock with a full keyboard which I might need to look at).  But it is the perfect size when I am reading or surfing the web.  Where the iPad is just slightly too large the Galaxy Tab is perfect. I am also finding in landscape mode it is perfect for movies too.  The screen resolution and ratio works perfect.

Speaking of movies – I wasn't thrilled with the idea of one more account to have to manage (the Samsung Media Hub) – I already have a bunch of media (TV shows and movies) in iTunes…  But I  found Doubletwist!  Doubletwist is kind of like iTunes for Android. Works great with music and video.  I am very happy!

Surfing the web has been surprisingly speedy. I still haven't run into a flash heavy site yet though (but the Tab comes pre-loaded with Flash Player 10.1).  I end up using the default browser most of the time, but I do have Opera and Firefox loaded up and they both work fine.  I haven't used any of them enough to have a favorite yet.

The other selling point over an iPad you hear people talk about is the two cameras – a 3-megapixel camera (with an LED flash) in back and a 1.3MP lens in front for video chat using Qik. Still pictures look fine, even if I do feel a little silly hold up the Galaxy Tab to take photos. I have only used it to take photos of whiteboards after meetings to add to my notes in Evernote.  But I still haven't tried out Qik yet.  I own a Galaxy Tab and I am using it day to day and, honestly, I don't know if the cameras are really that big a deal. 

Samsung seems to have done a better job with their phones on provided "value added customization."  The Galaxy Tab seems pretty vanilla right now, probably because we are all waiting for the tablet-specific version of Android – 3.0 "Honeycomb." This is an area where Apple's control of the OS and the hardware (and somewhat over the apps) gives them an advantage.

Other than that is has been a very similar experience as using my Droid X (which is a positive statement – I love my Droid X, it's the perfect phone), just with a much larger screen. And I am not quite as envious of people with iPads, in fact I am pretty happy I waited for the Galaxy Tab.

I am happily looking forward to what Android 3.0 will bring and what new apps will come out to take advantage of the extra screen space (come on flipboard – time to support Android now).

Author: yourcto

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