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I am betting very few people with a Droid phone even know what the cool little mic symbol to the left of the space bar is on the on screen keyboard.  And if you don’t have a droid phone I bet you haven’t heard at all about Google Speech.  I think it is Google’s coolest unknown released product.  You push the little mic symbol and start talking.  Google does a great job of transcribing what I am saying to text.  I use it all the time (ok and occasionally when I am driving, but I am not texting!).

Using Google speech now (punctuation and capitalization added) “I am very impressed with google speech transcription, it is so easy to use, no buttons to push, no onscreen keys to press, it just works! I know Apple (got to) set what people expect with a tablet but I think google speech is the unsung new technology. Why aren’t (they) talking about it or (how) it works so well?  I just talk, it’s natural. Yes (why did it add “yes?”) I am very interested see where it goes next year or two. Will they add the functionality to google docs? And I want to see what happens when Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung (etc. finally) take note. Interesting times.”

Now in the car  “I am so impressed with google speech pretty good job.  Right now I’m in the car and it still works well. I don’t know what the f*** is the princess apple is making ice cream eclipse request is google voice to voice the new input. I have to admit it’s much easier than touch anything. (yeah, I don’t even know what I was trying to say in that third sentence).”

Okay and there is one big bug that has to get fixed, I’d like it if Google Speech would do punctuation and capitalization.  They don’t even try now.


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