Google’s Chromebook Cr-48

I've gone a couple of days now with the Cr-48 Chromebook and I can see the use.  But I also miss my MacBook Pro sometimes too.  

It took a while to figure out that the Chrome browser was all there was. It's hard to break old habits.  The first few days I kept trying to move the mouse down to get the program dock or to a corner to see what other apps were running.  But there is nothing else.  Like Google said it's all in the cloud. There are no other apps; no iTunes (but Google had good timing releasing Music Beta when they did), no MS Office (but Google has Docs which I actually like to use), no Firefox or Safari (but of course there is Chrome).  In the end I used Chrome for everything I'd normally do.  Even Evernote worked ok and I use Evernote a lot in a normal work day.  

There were only two times where I had to find a work around. Once when I wanted to move photos off my camera (which I have read I could move them to Picasa).  And then when I wanted to listen to music and Google's Music Beta didn't have the ability to connect wireless to my stereo like I do from my Mac.  And I didn't have an option to download Airfoil.  So I had to connect the Chromebook to the stereo by plugging in. 

I don't honestly think Google is selling the hardware, it's all about Chrome and the cloud, but the Cr-48 is decent.  The keyboard is great.  The monitor works well and there is no glare. The biggest issue has been getting use to the mouse.  Oh, and the battery has been awesome, I am recharging it again tonight after using it for just about everything for the last two days.  From everything that I have read the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks have as good, or better, specs. 

I could see a Chromebook being the main device for some business users.  Especially when Citrix rolls out the Citrix receiver for Chrome.  And VMware is suppose to be working with Google also. Talk about a great TCO for organizations. 

And for quite a few consumers a Chromebook is all they really need honestly. What else do you need if all you are doing is surfing Facebook and youtube?  


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