Posterous bought by Twitter – where are you moving your blog?

Do you blog on Posterous? If so, have you read their blog posting abut the acquisition? Which seems just like a simple announcement… with maybe an idea that something might be up. Especially when you read "For users who would like to back up their content or move to another service, we’ll share clear instructions for doing so in the coming weeks." But then you read the FAQ on the acquisition and it becomes pretty clear that you need to start looking for someplace else to blog. I think Twitter bought Posterous for the talent, not for the functionality in Posterous.

I started using Posterous back in 2009. Mainly because they made it so easy to post, just send an email. And it was so easy to autopost from Posterous to Twitter, LinkedIn, and other blogging platforms. I admit I am a little paranoid, I have back ups of back ups, and then on top of that I have back ups in the cloud (hey, burn me once…). So with how easy Posterous made it to publish to other platforms, I start posting from Posterous to Tumblr in January of 2010 and then also to WordPress in March of 2010. Why not have copies of my posting in a second place just in case, right? I only point traffic to my Posterous site, but to me it was worth it to autopost to the other platforms in case something happened to my primary site. Looks like I made the right choice, huh? 🙂

But the $64,000,000 question is – with the future of Posterous being up in the air, what do you do? Are you going to stay put till you hear more? Are you going to migrate? If so, I’d suggest looking at Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. I have read that Tumblr is closer to being a direct competitor to Posterous. But I think I am going to move to a WordPress site as my main site (with Tumblr as my back up still). I like the reporting and the customization available.

So, you ask, how do you get your old blog posts from Posterous over to Tumblr or WordPress? Well, the bad news is there isn’t an easy way to back up your blog yet. Notice I said yet! Maybe it is coming? But with the current functionality it isn’t too terrible to post to another site. It’s just manual and it will take some time to do the migration. The more posts you have the longer it will take. Sorry.

The details:

  • Log into your Posterous account.
  • On the left click on "Manage Spaces"
  • Click on the down arrow next to the gear for the blog you want to migrate
  • Click on "Autopost Setup"
  • At the bottom of the page click on "+ Add a service"
  • Set up the new blogging platform you want to migrate to.
  • Now the long tedious part…
  • Click on "Manage Spaces" again
  • The click on the down arrow next to the gear for the blog you want to migrate again
  • Then select "Posts"
  • Start with your oldest post click on the gear next to the post to "Edit" the post
  • You don’t have to actually edit the post, but you do need to click on "Post Options" way over on the right of the screen
  • Then click on "Autopost this now" and select the new Blog site
  • And repeat over and over and over for each posting.
  • Remember to start with your oldest post and work your way to the newest posting, if you want to keep your chronological order
  • And, if you want you can then go edit each new post on the new blog site to change the posting date back to your original posting date

So not fun, and it will take some time, but it’s pretty simple and you can move all your old posts from Posterous to your new platform just by dedicating some time.

What platform are you moving to or do you use (if you don’t use Posterous)? Why did you go with it?


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