Help! My iPhone screen is zoomed in!

Yeah, I think I know technology.

And then I make the mistake of sticking my iPhone in my pocket without locking the screen first. I pull it out and go to enter in my pass code to unlock it and… I can’t. The screen is in this super zoom mode. I can’t see all the keypad to even enter my code. What happened to my phone? And how do I undo it so I can use my phone? Did I get a virus or break my phone?

Well two minutes of googling later and I learn my pocket somehow turned on “zoom” which magnifies the screen on my iPhone. Now that is a talented pocket, huh?

And how do you turn off magnification mode? Just tap with three fingers. Presto, no more zoom and everything returns to normal.

I have to confess I use zoom all the time now when I am reading tiny text on a web page on the iPhone. Have to get my daily dose of Dilbert, right? But say you don’t want to use zoom? Or if your iPhone gets stuck in zoom mode? Which from my Google search seems to happen to some people. How can you turn zoom off? Easy! Go to settings, general, scroll down to accessibility, click on zoom, and click it off. No more zoom!

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2 thoughts on “Help! My iPhone screen is zoomed in!”

  1. Thank you so much!!!! I was panicking thinking I had just broke something internally in my phone because all it was showing was super zoomed in on my battery life and nothing else. You just saved my day!

  2. You just saved me a whole bunch of time!! Thank you!! I was freaking out that my iphone would implode, or worse yet- erase everything bc I couldn’t get the password correct in superzoom. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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