Cheapskates answer to internet access

So, in my last post, I wrote about looking at Boingo to see if subscribing to their mobile plan would save me some money.  And asked people to share their experience with Boingo (and I would still love to hear from people that have used Boingo’s service).  It still looks like it might be a good idea when I travel to Toronto, because from what I see online it looks like the University area is blanketed with wifi. So maybe I have a good solution for travel to Canada where Verizon gets real expensive.

But I have also been using the Boingo iPhone app locally in the DC area and I am seeing an obvious trend – just go to a Starbucks or a McDonald’s and get on their free wifi.  Who would have thought over-priced burnt coffee and greasy fast food would be the cheapskates answer to the information highway (at least in the DC area)?  Of course you have to have wifi or cellular coverage for the app to work (so I am seeing an obvious flaw when I travel), but after a couple of days of using the app even I can see the trend – just go to Starbucks or McDonald’s!  And throw in a Panera Bread here and there to mix things up and maybe get better food.  And yes, I do know that most airports I’ve been in the last few years have wifi you can access via Boingo.

I am thinking I just might have to look at Karma.  If I turn off my monthly iPad cellular service, I will still come out ahead financially and I think my waist line will appreciate not being around the fatten coffee drinks and pastries at Starbucks or the greasy, heart stopping, fast food at McDonald’s.  And maybe I just want to play with a new toy.  🙂