Interview questions

Some of my favorite interview questions.  It’s about logic and your thought process, less about a specific correct answer: 

– why do you want to join this team? this company?  (hint: a paycheck is not a good answer)
– what do you bring to our team that we don’t already have?
– tell me about the most difficult project you had to work on and how you prevailed? Or failed and how you would approach it different next time.  Either is fine.
– tell me about a time you worked on a project that failed.  What did you do?  What would you do differently?
– tell me about the best project you worked on.  What made it so great?
– tell me about a time you had to work with a difficult person.  What did you do?
– what would you do if a client keeps asking for more functionality on a project that is already in development?
– how would you estimate the height of a building if you didn’t know the height of the buildings near it?
– why are manhole covers round? 

I’d love to hear any great interview questions you use.  Please share them with me.

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