I saw your email, but I didn’t read it.

That is a real quote someone had the nerve to say to me: “I saw your email, but I didn’t read it.” And this was while I was doing them the favor!
I tried to respect this persons time, so I had sat down before our meeting and wrote up a list of everything that needed to be done before our meeting to make us as efficient as possible.   I even put in details on what we would be doing and tried to answer questions and concerns I thought that might come up.  Then in the first 5 minutes of the meeting it became clear that the person hadn’t read my email.  Then he just fessed up with a “I saw your email, but I didn’t read it.”
Guess I have to respect the honesty, but needless to say our meeting took much longer than it needed to.  And I don’t know how many other “favors” I’ll do for him in the future.
Please don’t be that guy.
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