Is it time to clean up your old internet accounts? Or, who really uses MySpace anymore?

So, I was cleaning out my junk mail this morning and found a phishing scam that was made to look like it was from MySpace.  My first thought was – “Wow, I haven’t been to my MySpace page in years, why am I getting an email from them?”  But that thought was quickly replaced by – “What a lame phishing scam, and why would you use MySpace?” 

But that got me thinking, why do I have a MySpace account still? I haven’t been to my page in literally years. What purpose does MySpace serve for me anymore? And with all the websites getting compromised out there, do I want my private information just sitting on their servers? Or passwords?  I use different passwords on each website, but many people use the same password across multiple websites, if one of those old websites gets hacked how many other website will the hackers have access to? Even if they don’t get hacked, what if they change their privacy policies to give away all my info?  I’m not reading their policies anymore.  Or what if they go out of business and new buyers use the data for who knows what?


But I don’t mean to pick on MySpace, the thought applies to all my old accounts on too many sites to count.  Like Excite. Who uses Excite for email anymore? I was able to finally guess what my password was on MySpace, but I have no idea anymore what my Excite password was.  And to retrieve your password Excite forces you to know your zip code when you signed up.  I’ve moved way too much to have a clue what my zip code was way back when. I guess I will just have to add it to a list and try to delete it later. How about FriendFeed?  Did that ever take off?  Why do I still have an account there?


The more I start thinking about it, the more old accounts I can think of that I should just delete.  I don’t need all those old accounts sitting out on the web like dirty socks on the floor. Time to simplify my life and protect my privacy.  It’s time to clean up my Internet debris.



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