Hiring – recruiting and interviewing

Employees are normally one of the largest expenses for most businesses.  And just the hiring and training of new employees are a huge expense, both monetary and time invested. So, my question is, why don’t we invest more on recruiting and interviewing?

Too often job descriptions are done just because HR forces the manager to write it. Very little real thought is put into the skills and experience required to succeed at the job. Rarely is there training for managers on how to write a good job description. I’ve heard HR complain about how poor the job descriptions are that they have to work from, but then I don’t see them coaching the managers on how to improve them.

What is the saying? Garbage in, garbage out…

Interviewing is another area more investment could be made.  How many interviews turn into popularity tests? The interview ends up coming down to do they seem like a nice person? But this isn’t a first date. The question should be “do they have the skills and experience to do the job” (ok, and would they fit on the team)? If there is more than one candidate can you, in a unbiased way, truly compare their skills, especially if the interviews were done over a period of time? If you have different people talk to the different candidates could you compare the assessments?  Could you defend the hiring if you were sued?

If you need justification, just look at how painful is it if you end up hiring the wrong person.  Both for you and that poor person! And it hurts the business – if nothing else, the delay in building a high performing team. Not only does a bad hire (bad may be a strong word – how about a wrong hire) effect the employee but the rest of the team also.

So how much should we invest into the hiring process?  Are you investing enough?

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