iPad2 vs what?

I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but even I have to admit that the iPad2 is a sexier tablet.  The Galaxy Tab was an early release and it doesn’t support Honeycomb (hopefully will in the future, maybe – yeah, I know, not likely).  But where are all the new tablets that were hyped last year?  The Xoom is out, but crazy expensive with no flash and you have to send it back to get 4G later? Dell is rolling out a couple of lame solutions.  Where is HP?  LG?  The Playbook? The new Galaxy Tabs we are seeing on blogs?  Why is everyone rolling over and just giving the market to Apple so far?

How do you delete extra home screen pages on a Galaxy Tab?

I love that I can add as many home screens to my Samsung Galaxy Tab as I want.  But I hate that when I add a widget that is too large that the Galaxy Tab automatically creates a new home screen to add this new widget to.  I guess the designers thought this was a better behavior than saying “sorry, your widget is to big” but it still annoys me.  More often than not when this happens I have to delete the widget and then delete the newly created home screen.  Both are quick and easy to do but one is more intuitive than the other.  Just a waste of time is all.  Ok, so… 

How do I delete the widget and the extra home screen pages? 

How to delete a widget you have on your home screen page. 
Just like removing an application shortcut, all you have to do to remove a widget from a home screen is hold your finger down on the widget till the application short cut at the bottom of the screen turns into a trash can with the word remove under it.  Then just drag the widget down to the trash.  Easy, right? 

How to delete an extra home screen page.
For some reason this is the one that I always have to think about.  It’s just not as intuitive as removing an app shortcut or removing a widget. 

From any home screen page click on the menu hard key (down on the bottom of the Galaxy Tab you will find the hard keys for menu, home, go back, and search).  Then select edit (little pencil symbol). This will show you all the home screens you have in a grid and turns on the trash can down at the bottom of the screen. Hold your finger on the home screen you want to remove and drag it down to the trash can.  The screen will turn red and you can left your finger and it will be deleted.  If you had shortcuts or widgets on the home screen a message will pop up telling you “This page has items, remove?”  Just say ok and it will be deleted. Still pretty simple. 

Note: From this same home screen page grid you can also add more home screen pages.  Up to a total of 9 home screen pages.

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