BYOD in the Enterprise

Bring your own device (or BYOD) is real and is happening now in most enterprises. Employees today have their smart phones and are bringing iPads and other tablets to work already. It’s not if, it’s not when, it’s now. What are you doing to protect your network and your company data?
The Pew Internet Project recently reported that ownership of tablets among U.S. adults nearly doubled between mid-December 2011 and early January from 10 percent to 19 percent. According to a Cisco poll of 1,500 decision-making IT workers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain, conducted in late 2011, one tablet is requested for every three smartphones. Workers in the United States and France are asking for them the most at 21 percent. In addition, 64 percent of employees in the United States polled said they were bringing in devices without consent. So the devices are in your enterprise, with or without your knowledge and consent. Are your networks ready? Do you have the correct security policies in place?

With company issued laptops, you can enforce login screens, passwords, encryption and back ups. I personally always turn on the security features available to me on my devices, but how many of those un-authorized devices lack even a basic login screen when the smart phone or tablet is turned on? And the new iPad is just going to make it worse. The iPad2 was already a good device for doing presentation for a road warrior tired of lugging around their laptop (and it looks cooler too), but now the new iPad has an even better display and better graphics. Employees lose laptops. It is pretty common. How much easier is it to lose an iPad? Or get it stolen? What information is on that device? How much company confidential data is now loose in the wild? What data is in their email? What spreadsheets do they have? And confidential presentations?

If you don’t have policies and procedures in place already you are behind… BYOD is in your enterprise already.


Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire vs iPad2 vs ?

It’s cyber Monday, so right about now people are getting tired of work and looking to waste some time till they can escape at 5PM. Time to go shopping on-line, right?  And one of the most popular electronic gifts this year is going to be tablets – either souped up e-readers like the Nook Tablet or the Kindle Fire, or full on tablets.  What to buy? It’s a crowed field with over 9 options out there by my count at multiple price points and with a range of features.


If you are mainly reading, playing on facebook, and checking a little email, from what I have seen first hand and read the Nook Tablet ($250) is the way to go.  I’ve heard apps seem to work better on the Nook also, even though they seem to have less apps then the Fire.   If you want music and movies (or if you are a Amazon Prime member) then the Kindle Fire ($199) is probably for you.  And other than those two nothing else in the sub-$499 price range is worth buying.  I wouldn’t waste my money for anything else but the Nook Tablet or the Fire at the low end.


But if you can pop $499 then no one has ever hated the iPad2.  Except… I personally don’t like reading on it as well as my old Kindle.  The iPad screen has too much glare for me and it’s just too big for reading, serious reading.  Other than that I love the iPad2.


The Droid tablets are fine – I honestly like my Galaxy Tab.  But, so far, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is really the only serious also ran to the iPad2.  The Motorola Xoom has some great features.  And there are multiple other also rans out there but none of them has much market share nor features that stand out.  After a year of comparing, I have to say, if you are looking for a tablet then get the one everyone else is copying – just buy an iPad2.


Does that help at all?

iPad2 vs what?

I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but even I have to admit that the iPad2 is a sexier tablet.  The Galaxy Tab was an early release and it doesn’t support Honeycomb (hopefully will in the future, maybe – yeah, I know, not likely).  But where are all the new tablets that were hyped last year?  The Xoom is out, but crazy expensive with no flash and you have to send it back to get 4G later? Dell is rolling out a couple of lame solutions.  Where is HP?  LG?  The Playbook? The new Galaxy Tabs we are seeing on blogs?  Why is everyone rolling over and just giving the market to Apple so far?
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