Seth Godin’s list of zoom and skype call tips – plus

Seth Godin just put out a list of tips for when you are on web conference calls. It’s a great list. I read everything he posts. But I think the simple guidance should have been “either attend the meeting or don’t.” If the meeting is worth your time and you can learn from it or contribute to it – be invested in it. Fully invested in it. Or don’t attend. That’s a good rule for face-to-face or remote meetings. So, my list would be:

  • Is this meeting worth your time? If so, block off time for the meeting and don’t try to multitask. Most of the time you aren’t multitasking, instead you are task switching and most humans don’t do it very well, honestly.
  • If you need to attend remotely via a web conference, use video whenever and wherever possible. Visual cues are very important in communication. Invest in a good camera.
  • And use a good headset or use the most soundproof room you can find.

Seth Godin’s list is still great and applicable. So maybe my list is more of a pre-call checklist? First determine if the meeting is worth your time and then actually invest it (and then apply Seth’s list of tips).

Link to Seth Godin’s post:

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