Microsoft Skydrive (cloud storage) free 25GB upgrade

I wrote about the free Box cloud storage upgrade last month (their promotion is over now). They bumped your storage from 5GB to 50GB! All you needed to do was to install their new Android app.

Well, now, Microsoft is giving you a chance to increase your MS SkyDrive storage from 7GB (which is still more than anyone else offers) to up to 25GB free. As long as you already have an account, and had a file upload before April 22nd, all you have to do is:

  • log into (or click on the skydrive link in the header from your hotmail page)
  • click on the “Manage storage” link on the bottom left (see the attached screen grab)
  • then click on the Free upgrade option (if you don’t see this option then the offer is over or it isn’t available to you)

And you are done. You now have 25GB of free storage space! Nice!

Even if you don’t have a SkyDrive account, but you do have a hotmail account, it’s worth a couple of minutes to see if you can update your MS SkyDrive also. Just follow the instruction above. Good luck!

More info from Microsoft can be found here: (external link)

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  1. I haven’t used my hotmail account in several years. I didn’t even know I had a SkyDrive. I followed your instructions and was able to upgrade my SkyDrive to 25GB free. Thanks for the tip!

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